KaTaLyzer installation

  • Backend
    1. Requirements
    2. Installation
    3. Quick start
  • Frontend
    1. Requirements
    2. Installation
    3. Quick start


1. Requirements

MYSQL, PCAP, make, g++

apt-get install libmysql++-dev libpcap-dev make g++

2. Installation

1. unpack downloaded archive

tar -xvzf katalyzer-*.tar.gz
2. change directory to katalyzer*/backend
cd katalyzer*/backend
3. compile KaTaLyzer
4. install KaTaLyzer (require root)
sudo make install
5. do not forget to edit configuration file in order to provide katalyzer with access into MySQL database, network interface which you want to measure traffic on and add/remove particular protocols from measurement. You can get more information from comments in config file.
vim /etc/katalyzer/my_config.conf

6. Create the KaTaLyzer database
mysql -u<username> -p<password>
mysql> create database network1 character set utf8;
mysql> quit;

3. Quick start

You can simpy run KaTaLyzer by:

katalyzer -c /etc/katalyzer/my_config.conf
For more information see help (katalyzer -h).


1. Requirements

Install apache2, mysql, php5, imagemagick, dnsutils, whois in debian etch:

apt-get install apache2 php5 php5-cli php5-geoip mysql-server phpmyadmin imagemagick dnsutils whois
Install geoip database:
wget http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLiteCity.dat.gz
gunzip GeoLiteCity.dat.gz
mkdir -v /usr/share/GeoIP
mv -v GeoLiteCity.dat /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoIPCity.dat

2. Installation

Installation is done by backend's make install procedure (at step 2.4).

3. Quick start

Web browser: http://your_ip.or.domain_address/katalyzer

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me at tokosk16@yahoo.com